Free Territoryball or Makhnoviaball or Black Armyball was a Ukrainian country during Russian Civil War. He was conquered by Soviet Unionball.

He cannot into state.


  • Kronstadtball - Revolted against the Russian SFSR-icon Tankie scum. Leader of the revolt was an Anarchist just like me.
  • White Movement-icon White Movementball - Remove Monarchism and remove Liberalism. Hell, I've  even sided with Tankie against you.
  • Russian SFSR-icon Russian SFSRballOh tankie can't you see, you're standing in the way of Leftist unity. Tankie scum. REMOVE AUTHORITARIANISM! REMOVE STATE SOCIALISM! LIBERTARIAN SOCIALISM BEST SOCIALISM! LONG LIVE ANARCHY! REMOVE LENIN! REMOVE TROTSKY!


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