Freedomlandball also known as Free Territory of Freedomlandball or Coloniaball is a short-lived micronation established by the self-styled Admiral Atty. Tomás Cloma, founder of a nautical school and citizen under Boholball of Philippinesball, after allegedly discovering and settling parts of Spratlyball like in Pag-asa Island (Thitu Island). He was jailed for four months for allegedly "impersonating a military officer by being called an 'admiral'" by Philippinesball in the Marcos regime and eventually was forced to sell himself (Freedomlandball) for only ₱1 after being forcefully arrested again under Philippinesball of the same regime. Currently his successor or at least those living there now is Kalayaanball who is a municipalityball of Palawanball, a provinceball of Philippinesball. Kalayaan in Filipino literally means Freedom.

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