French First Republicball was a historic state in France-icon Franceball and was a revolutionary republican régime of the French nation formed during the French Revolution as a successor to Kingdom of France-icon Kingdom of Franceball. He was eventually sucked into various wars against Austrian Empire-icon Habsburgball, Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball, HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball and UK-icon UKball among many others throughout the late 18th century. He was eventually taken over by Napoleon and was transformed into Napoleonic-icon First French Empireball in 1804. and his flag is ugly af


Prior to the French Revolution in 1789, Franceball was known as the Kingdom of France and was a powerful nation in Europe. During the American Revolution, Franceball aided the USA-icon American rebels against UK-icon UKball to undermine them and make up for the French defeat in the Seven Years War. This however left the kingdom finically strained and was eventually forced to file for bankruptcy and the lack of action by the monarchy led to the revolution and the creation of French First Republicball in 1792. During its existence, the monarchy was abolished along with slavery, the royal family imprisoned and eventually executed which lead to various neighboring countries to invade France to restore the pre-revolutionary monarchy. Kingdom of France-icon Royalists continued to exist however and this lead to various conflicts such as the War in the Vendée and the eventual purge against pre-revolutionary elements including crackdowns on suspected dissidents, revolutionary terror, the persecution of the Catholic-icon Roman Catholic Church in Franceball, which lead to increased opposition and continued instability. By 1804, Franceball was taken over by Napoleon as the First Consul and he established the Napoleonic-icon First French Empireball that same year.




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