French Indochinaball was a colony mixture of India-icon.pngandChina-icon.png protectorateball of the France-icon.png French Empireball.


Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball, Laos-icon.png Laosball and Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball's ancestors evolved from 1-icon.png 1balls but were subjugated by France-icon.png French Empireball in 1887.

Eighteen years later, some politicians in French Indochinaball adopted Guangzhouwanball (currently Zhanjiangball) as an outlying territory of the protectorate. It was returned to Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Chinaball in 1946 and was taken by China-icon.png Chinese commies after the Civil War.

How to draw

  1. Draw ALMOST a yellow circle.
  2. Draw a French flag on the top left (See how to draw Franceball).


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