Fucking is Fucking and it will stay that way
— the mayor of Fucking when asked about a possible name change of Fucking
The Germans all want to see Mozart's house in Salzburg; the Americans want to see where The Sound of Music was filmed; the Japanese want Hitler's birthplace in Braunau; but for the British, it's all about Fucking
— A local tour guide

F-icon Fuckingball is a vulgar Austria-icon Austrian village in western Upper Austriaball. He is famous because of his name. His favorite hobby is to swear on Christian Minecraft servers and bypassing the chat filter on Roblox.


It is believed that he was established around 500 AD. The earliest known mention of him dates back to 1070.

His name first gained the notice of UK-icon British and USA-icon American troops stationed in Salzburgball after WWII. Once his name gained widespread attention, he has fucked enjoyed large amounts of tourists ever since.


Fuckingball is most famous for his four traffic signs, where UK-icon UKball tourists would often take selfies there. Relatively recently, Fuckingball had to cement the signs to the ground, as tourists kept stealing the signs, including one night in which all four signs were stolen. He also welded them to the signposts. Some residents have taken advantage of Fuckingball's name and popularity, one selling T-shirts labeled "I like Fucking in Austria." People have also been caught actually trying to "fuck" the Fucking signs. He even has a beer called Fucking Hell(Hell means pale beer in German, so this literally means "Fucking pale beer") e

He is also known as the swearing empire.

It got to a point where he was considering changing his name because of the signs being stolen, but decided not to because "everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us Fucking is Fucking—and it's going to stay Fucking".


  • There is a restaurant in Fucking called "Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken". It’ slogan is “It’s Fucking good.”
  • He has a sibling called "Fuggingball", whose name used to be "Fucking" too, but he had changed his name.
  • He is holding a homemade sign at all times

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