Hallo, I'm Hujian but not sea one.
— Fujianball (Guangdong-icon.png Guangdong: FOOD!!!)

Fujianball is a province of China-icon.png Chinaball. But everyone prefers to call him Hujian (Because Fujianball often confuses "H" and "F".).


Fujianball was born as a 1ball, later adopted by Dynastic Chinaball, ROCball and PRCball.

Because of his Hokkien natives, he is closely related to and influenced Taiwanball and Tringapore.

Fujianball can also into good jasmine tea and into own language too!


  • China-icon (subdivision).png Guangdongball: Brother that always try to eat me. And GIB Chaoshan BACK!!!
  • Putian-icon.png Putianball:Best mascot of me, bring us lots of lucky money! I surpassed Zhejiang!
  • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball:Please don't stop me from seeing my brother! There is only a short distance between us! TAIWANESE IS HOKKIENESE! And you used to be my clay too!
  • Fujianball (Taiwan): Bro, COME BACK!I hope one day we can be together again!and give up the thoughts about freedom,democracy and capitalism
  • Zhejiangball: Haha...get only No.2 in the field of lucky money. GIB DIAOYUDAO ME! You are not qualified to manage!

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