Fujianball or Fukienball is a province of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball which is virtual and only contains the two counties of Kinmenball and Lienchiangball. It was big and contained all the Fujianball, but in 1949, Fujianball got in control of Chinaball and some small islands by the sea which weren't claimed by Chinaball lives as this ball until now.


  • China-icon (subdivision).png Fujianball - My biological communist brother! Our father separated us from each other and did not let we meet each other, we can only see each other, but we can't come closer and I really missed him. Hope you can join capitalism like me.
  • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - Papa! But won't let me meet my communist brother.
  • China-icon.png Chinaball - Sisis...You are too close to me, fake China! But also because of this, let me know that you are not as bad as my father said. at least you often offers me water, resources and my economy is now depend on you. but anyway REMOVE COMMIE! If it were not because of you, my brother and I would be together forever!REMEMBER 1958!
  • China-icon (subdivision).png Guangdongball - My Guangdong cousin, always bring me something good, but sometimes he wants to try to eat my brother and me.

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