Fuzhouball is a cityball in China-icon (subdivision) Fujianball, China-icon Chinaball. He can into boat culture and control Lienchiangball. His other name is Rongcheng.



  • Jian'ouball - A part of Nanpingball, one of my friends.My first name has Fu(福) and his first name has jian(建), made them together is Fujian.(Indicating ANSCHLUSS!!!)
  • Lienchiang-icon Lienchiangball and China-icon (subdivision) Lianjiangball - They used to be a whole, but Taiwanball divide them into half and their name are all 连江...Poor guys...But all of them are my clay xixixixi...


  • Putian-icon Putianball - YUOR LUCKY MONEY TOO MUCH!Give out a part of your money for your brother!And stop speaking your stupid Putian dialect!Speak Mindong Chinese just LIKE ME!!!You'd better to solve your medical problems, don't scapegoat Fujian and Me!
  • Guangzhou-icon Guangzhouball - Don't eat me please...I'm not yummy!Eat Putian, he is delicious!MG...OMG...NO~~~~
  • China-icon (subdivision) Rongcheng Districtball - Guangdongese Fujian-city,He should be one of the Fujian!AND I JUST WANT TO STILL YOUR NAME!!!

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