Galapagosball (officially Galapagos Provinceball) is a provinceball of Galapagos-icon.png Ecuadorball but is better known as the Galapagos Islandsball, a tropical volcanic island group situated along the equator and claimed by Ecuador. He loves tortoises.

The Galapagos have a low (human) population and is very biodiverse with species such as tortoises, iguanas, blue footed birds, and small penguins (that's what make it popular around the world, also by far the furthest North that one can find penguins in the wild), It is also made famous for made famous by Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. Galapagosball is one of the few islands that has no actual government or citizens, so its beautiful ecosystem is left untouched. Natural selection and evolution has produced many unique organisms in Galapagosball.




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