The Gambiaball is a skinny countryball in Africa that is almost completely surrounded by Senegalball, with a small portion of coastline to the Atlantic and the smallest country in mainland Africa. Recently his president refused to step down after elections, causing ECOWASball to invade him. His president eventually stepped down and the elected one sworn in, so now he's happy. He is famous water stealer. Because of him, Senegal-icon.png Senegalball has no water.

He is a member of the West-Atlantic languages family.

In 2013 he withdrew from  English-icon.png Commonwealthball, citing it as a "neo-colonial" organization of nations, though he returns back to him in 2018.

Flag Colors

Philippine Red 206, 17, 38 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1126
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Indigo Dye 12, 28, 140 C91-M80-Y0-K45 #0C1C8C
Japanese Laurel 58, 119, 40 C51-M0-Y66-K53 #3A7728


While it hangs out at its own river, it has some allies and enemies.




  • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - Gambia-icon.png Gambiaball severed and established diplomatic ties with him, but betrayed her to ally with China-icon.png Chinaball.
  • Senegal-icon.png Senegalball - because of him, Gambia-icon.png THE GAMBIABALL CANNOT INTO PERSONAL SPACE. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS? ALSO YOU LOOK LIKE A PACMAN.
    • Senegal-icon (division).png Casamanceball - Probably because of him, HE CANNOT INTO PERSONAL SPACE EITHER.


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