Ganderball is a townball on the northeastern part of Newfoundland and Labradorball. First settled in 1936 and gaining townball status in 1958, many of the streets in town are named after famous aviators, as its clay is the site of an international airport that is a major refueling stop for transatlantic flights as well as an emergency landing area for military and medical aircraft.

Ganderball played a huge role during 9/11. When Canadaball was taking in stranded passengers after USAball closed its airspace under Operation Yellow Ribbon, it took in 38 commercial flights and 4 military planes accounting for over 6,000 passengers - the second highest intake behind Halifaxball. They stayed in Ganderball for 6 days until they were able to connect to their final destinations.

The stories of that day and the actions the residents of Ganderball took on inspired a musical entitled Come From Away (a phrase used to describe people who come to visit Newfoundland and Labradorball from other parts of Canadaball and around the world). The musical premiered in Torontoball and then went on to Broadway in New York Cityball where it got rave reviews.

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