Gatineauball is a Quebec-icon.png Quebecois city. It plays a prominent role in the running gag featuring Quebecball getting independence. It's clay is located right across from Ottawaball . Being beside Ottawaball and located in Quebecball, he also speaks English. He has a QMJHL team called the Gatineau Olympiques.


Quebec-icon.png Quebecball - LIBRE POUR QUEBECBALL! Die Anglo scum!

Canada-icon.png GIB INDEPENDENCE - Gib Independence!

Louisiana-icon.png Louisianaball - My crazy brother off the border. He deserves independence!


Gatineauball was born as a 3ball and was discovered by UKball in 1700's, settlers came from USAball after the Revolutionary War and other places like Scotlandball, Irelandball , and UKball because of the Great Potato famine.

Eventually, in 1790's a war broke out in Quebec to beat the Frenchies. The war lasted in a English victory, only for the "English" to lose in the War for America.

Eventually in 1800 with Upper and Lower Canadaball established it was made and it was now officially a city.

1812, The war was raging. Eventually UKball brunt down the White House like we all know. And Canadaball's parliament was burnt down.

1994 Gatineauball did a prominent role in getting Quebecball independence, which failed because 45% Quebecball's voted for Quebecball to not have independence.

In spring 2017, he was blub due to getting a lot of rain, but he has since recovered.

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