Tel Al-Rabi' is Arab, Isdud is Arab, Al-Majdal is Arab, Arafatiya is Arab, all of Israel is Arab!

Gazaball is a self-governing countryball in the Middle East. Currently it cannot into UN-icon.png UNball. It doesn't like USA-icon.png USAball. and is pretty much a State in Palestine-icon.png Palestineball.


Palestine-icon.png Friends


Gaza-icon.png Enemies

  • USA-icon.png USAball - Stop supporting that Jewish infidel!
  • UK-icon.png UKball - Yuo too, crumpet fucker!
  • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - Yuo infidel! I'll blow yuo up out of existence! Stop blockading me! Piece of shit! I got rockets! I'll shoot them at you! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! You suck! Ha! HAHAHAHAHA! I'll get my land back yuo piece of infidel shit!
  • Egypt-icon.png Egyptball - HAHA! Peace? What of joke! I'll blow everybody the fuck up!
  • Palestine-icon.png Fatah infidel - PUSSY!
  • 21 former Israeli settlements - i removed yuo from my clay



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