Gaziantepball is a cityball of Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball. Food in Gaziantepball is different from the cuisine in other parts of Turkeyball because of the influence of Armenians, Oğuz Turks, Kurds and the culinary traditions of nearby Aleppoball which was an important regional administrative center of the Seljuk and Ottoman empireballs. The difference is noticeable in its rice dishes, soups, kebabs, köfte (meatballs), etc. The meatballs come in varieties of çiğ köfte, içli köfte, meatball with malhita (lentils), sour small meatballs, and small meatball with yoghurt. Gaziantepball's food is known for being spicy compared to other Turkish cuisine; many of the local specialties as well as savory foods shared with other regions of Turkeyball are prepared with Aleppo pepper, a type of chili pepper, and paprika.

Antepball's desserts include the sweet pastry baklava, burmalı, künefe, kadayıf, etc. In 2013, Gaziantep baklava became the first Turkish product with a European protected designation of origin and geographical indication.

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