Gdanskball, or pastly called Danzigball, is a cityball of Poland-icon Polandball.


Gdańskball was created by Kingdom of Polandball and belonged to him until 1227 when it was stole by Pomeraniaball. Teutonic Orderball conquered Gdansk in 1308 and in 1466 became Polish clay again. Next it was conquered by Kingdom of Prussiaball, next became Napoleon's puppet, was again conquered by Kingdom of Prussiaball (Reichtangle) and became independent after WW1. Naziball anschlussed Gdansk and in 1945 became again Polish city. He is currently sad because his mayor has been assassinated. 


Polandball -   REAL Papa IS POLEN

Teutonic Orderball, Kingdom of Prussiaball, Reichtangle, Naziball - ZEY SAVED MICH FROM ZE EVIL POLEN Stole clay 6 times

Napoleonball - Liberated mich


  • Nec temere, Nec timide


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