Geghark'unikball is the biggest province of Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball. He is the only provinceball of Armenia that can somewhat into the sea, or into Lake Sevan anyway. He is sometimes into partying with Iranball tourists, and performing upkeep on Armenia's biggest khatchkar cemetary.


Geghark'unikball was born as a 2ball, later adopted by Urartuball, Ancient Armeniaball, Caucasian Iberiaball, SPQRball, Parthiaball, Persiaball, Kingdom of Artsakhball, Russian Empireball, Transcaucasiaball, Sovietball and Armeniaball.

He was originally a cantonball within Syunikball under Ancient Armeniaball. Between 1930 and 1995 he was divided into five raionballs: Sevanball, Kamoball, Krasnoselskball, Kamoball and Vardenisball. He was united after Armeniaball's independence from Sovietball and given his old name back.

He had a son who was an exclaveball named Artsvashenball, however he got taken over by Azerbaijanball in the Nagorno Karabakh War and turned into kebab.

How to draw

Draw Geghark'unikball isn't difficult:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes, red, blue and orange
  2. Draw the white script Գեղարքունիք in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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