Genoa-icon Genoaball is the chief-town of Liguria-icon Liguriaball, in Italy-icon Italyball. He is the capital of his metropolitan cityball (provinceball), Genoa-icon The Metropolitan City of Genoaball. He's very famous for his great seaport, the greatest port in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, and also for his aquarium. He was once a powerful Maritime Republic, that owned Corsica-icon Corsicaball and Southern Crimea-icon Crimeaball. He is also very mad at Bologna-icon Bolognaball,England-icon Englandball and Milan-icon Milanball for purchasing stealing his flag, even as Englandball had the flag first.

He has a long rivality with Venice since 1204.

He is currently suffering from a bridge collapse. THEY TOLD ME CHE IT WOULD LAST LONGER!!!


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