Georgetownball is the capital city of Guyana-icon Guyanaball. He is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara river. Georgetownball has a population of around 200 000.


Georgetownball was born as a 3-icon 3ball, later adopted by UK-icon UKball and Guyana-icon Guyanaball.

Guyana-icon Anti-Kool-Aid and Suicidal woman Co-operative Republic of Guyanaball Guyana-icon
Regions Guyana-icon (division) Barima-WainiballGuyana-icon (division) Pomeroon-SupenaamballGuyana-icon (division) Essequibo Islands-West DemeraraballGuyana-icon (division) Demerara-MahaicaballGuyana-icon (division) Mahaica-BerbiceballGuyana-icon (division) East Berbice-CorentyneballGuyana-icon (division) Cuyuni-MazaruniballGuyana-icon (division) Potaro-SiparuniballGuyana-icon (division) Upper Takutu-Upper EssequiboballGuyana-icon (division) Upper Demerara-BerbiceballGuyana-icon (division) Guayana EsequibaballGuyana-icon (division) Georgetownball (capital)
Former entities Arawak-icon ArawakballBritish Guyana-icon British Guyanaball
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