The German-speaking Communityball is one of the three communities of Belgium-icon Belgiumball. He is the only one who speaks German. While he has a sort of autonomy, he is a part of Walloniaball, who speaks French. The German-speaking Communityball does not like to be a part of Walloniaball: he even does not like every French thing. So this is why he wants more autonomy. Unlike Flandersball, German-speaking Communityball does not want his independence: he seeks for more autonomy within Belgium. Even being re-anschlussed by Germanyball is not a option since he is fully integrated into Belgium. German-speaking Communityball is often described as the most Belgian of all the regions.


German-speaking Communityball (he has not a name ) was a part of Limburgball and Luxembourgball until 1815, when he was anschlussed by Kingdom of Prussiaball. After Germany's defeat in World War I in 1918, he was awarded to Belgiumball. He was re-anschlussed by Nazi Germanyball from 1940 to 1945 but he became a part of Belgium again after Germany's second defeat in 1945.

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