Giresunball is a city of Turkey-icon Turkeyball.

GiresunBall is a Turkish CityBall located in Asia Minor, more specifically Eastern Black Sea region of TurkeyBall

Giresunball harvests the world's best quality hazelnuts even though Orduball says otherwise, he'll never be right though. The name "Giresun" comes from the Ancient Greek word for "cherry(kerasous)".

He did many notable things in the Turkish War of Independence even though nobody gives him credit for it.


  • Orduball (aka the kabakçı) - Rivals, we have a love-hate relationship but we kind of still need each other no matter how many times we deny it. We are the closest relatives of each other and our dialects are very similar if not the same, I harvest the best hazelnuts though. I also saved his ass in the independence war.
  • Artvinball - Is the only sane person in the region, we both have Georgian minorities and have a lot of similarities.
  • Trabzonball - I hate him like the rest of the Black Sea, he calls our hero a monster and a killer (UNACCEPTABLE) I will not befriend him as long as he keeps attitude. Also KEMENÇE IS OF MINE (He's still kind of my bro I guess)
  • Rizeball - we both hate Trabzonball so I guess we're considered friends? We are the most rainy places in Turkey. We both like tea too. But Tirebolu 42 is of best.

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