Gitegaball is the second largest cityball in Burundi-icon Burundiball and also the capital cityball of Burundi-icon (division) Gitega Provinceball, as well as Burundi-icon Burundiball himself from December 2018. He used to be called Kitegaball. He is just east of Burundi-icon (division) Bujumburaball. He is home to the National Museum of Gitega.


On April 29, 1972 the Burundi-icon King of Burundi was shot and killed in Gitegaball City. He used to be the Capital cityball of Burundi-icon before Burundi-icon (division) Bujumburaball and in March 2007 Burundi-icon Burundiball considered changing his capitalball back to Burundi-icon (division) Gitegaball because he thought Burundi-icon (division) Bujumburaball was not fit to be the capital. On Christmas Eve in 2018, the move was made.

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