Gochangball is a city in Jeollabuk-do-icon Jeollabuk-doball, South Korea-icon South Koreaball.


Gochangball was born as a 1-icon1ball and was adopted by Korean Jin-iconJinball, Samhan-iconSamhanball, Baekje-iconBaekjeball, Goryeo-iconGoryeoball, Joseon-iconJoseonball, Korea-Empire-iconKorean Empireball, Japanese Korea-iconJapanese Koreaball, American Korea-iconAmerican Koreaball, and then South Korea-iconSouth Koreaball as a part of Jeollabuk-do-iconJeollabuk-doball.


Jeollabuk-do-iconJeollabuk-doball - Father, takes good care

South Korea-iconSouth Koreaball - Mother, takes good cake

North Korea-iconNorth Koreaball- Evil Uncle who likes nukes

Gwangju iconGwangjuball- close brothers

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