Goguryeoball was an ancient countryball that lived East Asia. He is one of the ancestors of North Korea-icon South Korea-icon the two Koreaballs.


In 37 BC, Goguryeoball become independent from Buyeo-icon Buyeoball

In the late 300s, he conquered a much of Manchuria, maritime province of Siberia, and the northern part of the Korean peninsula. He puppeted the Malgal tribe, they established Second Jinball and Qingball after goguryeo died) and khitan tribe (they established Liaoball after goguryeo died) and some part of inner Mongolian tribe (they established Yuanball, Wreck of Goguryeo castle is found in inner Mongolia after goguryeo died). And he renamed himself as Goryeoball (Koryo)

but he slowly lost power of the land and was killed by Silla-icon Sillaball and Tang-icon Tangball in 668. And Many goguryeo refugee moved to Sillaball and Japanball and Tangball and mongoliaball. But his children, Balhaeball and Goryeoball descended him. 

This is what North Korean text showing the size of Goguryeo 

This is what South Korean scholar think of Goguryeo's greatest extension of their territorial rule after series of archaeological discovery by Russian teams.

Many Koreans love Goguryeo more than Joseonball and other Korean countries.

How to draw:

Draw Goguryeoball is very simple.

  1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
  2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black 고구려 or you can draw a three-footed crow (samjogo) instead.
  3. Add two eyes and an iron helmet for battle, and you're finished.



  • Turkic Khaganate-icon Gokturkball - Best friend and military ally. We can fight against the Sui-icon Wussy and Tang-icon Big and Wet Billy.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - My far future communist descendant who admires me a lot (in evidence of the propaganda cartoon "Boy General"). I'm impressed of your cartoon because you presented me as a STRONK and cultural empire who fights fiercely against the invaders and of yuor obsession of militarism. But please be a lot nicer to your South Korea-icon Twin brother.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - My far future capitalist descendant. I'm proud of him because he is rich and STRONK, unlike his North Korea-icon Northern Twin. Keep being rich and stronk my descendant. and stop to be friendly about China-icondescendant of Big and Wet Billy.




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