Gokturkball  (552 AD - 744 AD), or otherwise Romanized as Göktürkball, was a khanate established by the Ashina clan of the Göktürks in medieval Inner Asia. He also is the common ancestor of all Turkicballs, which were eventually subjugated by the Tangball in 612(?). He was reborn in 682 (as II.Gokturks) and lasted until 744.

The Gokturks have taken over the entire Eurasian steppe. GREAT JOB GOKTURKS.
— Bill Wurtz




  • Sassanid-icon Sassanidball - my friend, later worst enemy. Helped me to remove my brother. (White Hun Empire)


  • Umayyad-icon Umayyadball - Filthy Arab dog. Stop trying to convert me! Yuo can't convert me!!! Tengri is the best!! TENGRİ BİZ MENEN! REMOVE! I AM GLAD THAT ABBASID KILLED YOU FOR GOOD!
  • Rouran Khaganateball - I HATE THEM!


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