Governorate of Livonia-icon Governorate of Livoniaball was a historical governorate of the Russian Empireball that consisted of Estoniaball and Latviaball.


Friends (Sõbrad/Draugi)

Russian Empireball - My true and mighty overlord. (Sometimes)

Tsardom of Russiaball - My old mighty overlord. (Sometimes)

Lithuaniaball - Far diverse, brother. (Sometimes)

Enemies (Vaenlased/Lenaidnieki)

Russian Empireball - Vins ieslodzija mani. (Sometimes)

Tsardom of Russiaball - Vins ioslodzija mani. (Sometimes)

Swedish Empireball - Will be rememberings, 1700.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball - Very bad for me and russia but brother is lithuania so i'm kinda ok. (Sometimes)

Ottoman Empireball - Hurting russian navy, (Navy yra silpnas)

United Kingdomball - (Rusijos Laivyno geriausias)

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