Greeceball from 1967 to 1974, also known as Regime of the Colonelsball, was a military junta established in 1967 after a coup, some Cypriots in Cyprus-icon Cyprus couped against the Cypriot government, Greece supported him to annex Cyprus and the coup was successful and right after the coup Turkey-icon Turkeyball invaded Cyprus, but Greeceball defended Cyprus-icon Cyprusball. In those days Coup was destroyed and modern Greeceball took place in 24 July and surrender 38% of Cyprus-icon Cyprusball to Turkey-icon Turkeyball and UN-icon UNball gave him Northern Cyprus-icon Northern Cyprus to stop the invasion and make peace. Greece abolished the junta under the pressure of the invasion and became a republic again.


Before Coup

Consequences of Crisis 1965

The largest party, the Center Union, was split and key executives left. So the party that had won 52% of the votes in the 1964 elections was in opposition, while the government was now an organ of the king. This violated the principle of popular sovereignty. The most important consequence is the depreciation of politics and politicians and the defeat of the system's defense against state deflections. They fanned and allowed the coup of 21 April 1967. To persuade MEPs to leave, humble baits were used. Ministries were offered to political minorities to support them Governments, so that the impression was born that any Member who left EC It also received a ministry. There were also complaints about bribery and buy-in.

Εarly Years of the Coup

Basically the Corrupt system of Greece and the angry people also the Coup of 1967 got support in the beginning by USA-icon USAball.

During the 7 years of Dictatorship

1.Greeceball had the biggest growth it ever saw in its modern history

2.There were no unemployed people in that timeline

3.Build Roads, helped the Farmers gave them new machines to work with

4.It bought Modern Jets and Submarines for its time to defend Greeceball

5.Build Hospitals, Schools, Bridges and brought wires to connect with villages to everyone to have lights

6.Build Energy Factories (Electric, etc.)

7.In 1973 Greeceball tried to kick USA-icon USAball from Greece's Mineral Wealth, but USA-icon USAball made the Πολυτεχνείο incident of 1973 ruining Greeceball in everything.


Junta greece

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