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For the organization, see GUAMball

Guamball is a territory of USA-icon USAball located in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator. According to UN-icon UNball he was a colony of Spain-icon Spainball until USA-icon USAball whooped her ass and took it, when in reality, someone called another person on the phone and visited them and...stuff got crazy.  During the Pacific War, Japan-icon Japanball invaded him and took him over, until USA-icon USAball freedomed the crap out of him. Afterwards, USA-icon USAball left all its —SPAM there, which he has been addicted to ever since.


Guamball was a 7-icon 7ball until 1565 when Guamball was claimed by Spain-icon Spainball in 1565 and became a major Spanish outpost.

During the Spanish-American War, USA-icon USAball controlled Guamball until today.

Now North Korea-icon North Koreaball is targeting Guamball starting Mid-August.

But North Koreaball backed down, and no WW3                                                                                                                             He was also the place for Filipino exiles during Spaniard rule.

Since April 2019, Guam can also into weed.

How to draw

That's how to draw Guamball:

  1. Draw a red border inside the basic circle shape
  2. Color the rest of this blue
  3. Draw the seal of Guam in the centre
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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