Guangzhou-icon Guangzhouball is a capital cityball in China-icon (subdivision) Guangdongball, China-icon Chinaball. It's also known as Cantonball. She is the richest and most developed cityball in Guangdong and now she want to be richer than Shanghai. She is so rich that even richer than Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. She is the Big Sister (is watching you) in South China, but these days Shenzhen's GDP has surpassed her, she may lose the honor of the Big Sister. She can also into vice-provincial cityball.


  • Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball - I love him so much, but he disagreed to have a date. He loves Singapore-icon Tringapore more than me. I WILL ANNEX YOU BECAUSE YOU BROKE UP WITH ME!!!!
  • China-icon (subdivision) Foshanball - One of my best friends, but he doesn't want annexation.
  • China-icon Chinaball - I feel like I don't belong to you.
    • China-icon (subdivision) Shenzhenball - My twin brother who wants to be gay with my former boyfriend. But he's very rich!!!!!!!!!!

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