Guerreroball is a Mexican stateball that represents the Free and Sovereign State of Guerrero. His name literally means "Warrior".

Had an incredible Mesoamerican past with Aztecs, Mixtecs, Mayans, etc. (see the shield). He likes tamarind, beheading, making crafts, Spring break, etc.

He is considered the most dangerous stateball of Mexicoball (because of the Independent Cartel of Guerrero). Interestingly, this means he lives up to his name, warrior.


It is located in southern Mexicoball and geographically is along the pacific and has mountains. He was founded in 1849.

It is home to Acapulco, decadent resort city and beach vacation for poor MexicoCityball's residents.

Guerreroball has a lot of Ancient Mesoamerican (Aztec and native) sites and part of their culture are even in his coat of arms.

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