Gyeonggi-doball is a province/regionball of South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball. Gyeonggi-doball is also the most populated province in South Koreaball, having more than a quarter of the population.

Seoul is located inside Gyeonggi-doball, and so is major cities like Suwonball, or Yonginball.

Gyeonggi-doball sometimes want to anchluss Seoulball.


In 1018, Goryeoball decieded named the name "Gyeonggi" to today's Gyeonggi-doball's clay.

Joseonball adopted the name Gyeonggido-ball until 1895. In 1895, for a short time, Joseonball dived up Gyeonggi-doball into 5 regions, Including Hansungball, Incheonball, Gongjuball and more.

In October of 1910, Japanese Empireball unified the 5 regions and made today's Gyeonggi-doball.

After Japanese Empireball's surrender in World War 2, Korean Empireball was split into North Koreaball and South Koreaball. Because of this, Gyeonggi-doball was split.

Until today, Gyeonggi-doball grew and became one of the most stronk provinces of South Koreaball. The split part of Gyeonggi-doball became later part of Hwanghaebuk-doball


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