Haiti-icon.png Haitiball, officially the Republic of Haitiball is a very poor countryball in the Caribbean. His only neighbor is the Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball of whom he shares the island of Hispaniola with.


Haitiball was born as a 7-icon.png 7ball, and discovered/adopted by France-icon.png Franceball. He was used for sugar cane and slaves.

Nowadays, Haitiball is an independent countryball since 1804, after beating France-icon.png Franceball Vivelaspin.gif in a battle.

Haitiball became the most 8-icon.png 8ball country in the Caribbean after making the 2-icon.png 2balls go off the island.

Haitiball switched between being a Kingdom, Empire, Republic and Anarchy since independence.

Before, Haitiball was known for it's tourism industry, mango, kompa music, and beaches. Nowadays, Haitiball is known for poverty. Haitiball finally elected a new President on November 20, 2016. Recently, he is suffering from riots caused by an increase in gas prices, which caused Jack Lafontant to resign and left the country without a prime minister.

Haitiball also can into 1974 World Cup, and got first runner-up in the Miss Universe 2016 competition in Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball with Raquel Pélissier, just behind his mother France-icon.png Franceball's candidate Iris Mittenaere.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

Imperial Blue 0, 32, 159 C100-M80-Y0-K38 #00209F
Crimson 210, 16, 52 C0-M92-Y75-K18 #D21034

Emblem Colors

Imperial Blue 0, 32, 159 C100-M80-Y0-K38 #00209F
Crimson 210, 16, 52 C0-M92-Y75-K18 #D21034
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Deep Green 1, 106, 22 C99-M0-Y79-K58 #016A16
Spanish Yellow 241, 181, 23 C0-M25-Y90-K5 #F1B517




  • France-icon.png Franceball - Mother whom I hates because of beings the cause of my problems, but I was of ok with her.
  • Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball - Cousin who I have many border disputes and envy his moneys plz gib som ;_; and is also racist and attacks black people, even though he is black himself. I must learn to work with him though. At least we both can into voodoo dolls.


How to draw

Haitiball is similar to Liechtensteinball, but with a difference:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes
  2. Color them of blue and red
  3. Draw the coat of arms of Haiti in a white rectangle in the center
  4. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Haitiball.

Click here to see it.

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