— Li Shang

Han Solo ball was a great ancestorball of China-icon.png Chinaball.


Hanball was born as a 1ball, one of a Dynastic Chinaballs (206BC-220) start by Emperor Gao Zu (Liu Bang ). Its economy was rich because of Wen Jing's rule, by emperor Wen and his son emperor Jing. Under emperor Wu, Hanball expanded south and into North and Central Asia and became very strong. Hanball can into beatings of Hun-icon.png Xiongnuball at that time. It tore Xiongnuball apart into Southern Xiongnu, which later became a part of Han ethnics, and Northern Xiongnu, which later separated again and became the ancestor of many ethnicities in Eurasia. During the first century, A official called Wang Mang briefly stole Hanball's regime and forced it to become Xinball, but due to his unrealistic economical policies, Xinball didn't get longevity. The Emperor Guang Wu restored Hanball and changed its capital from Chang'an(Today's Xi'an) to eastern metropolis Luoyang and named the new ball Eastern Hanball. However, eastern Hanball didn't revive the pride it used to be, and its power quickly disseminated to the emperors' maternal relatives. Due to this fact, eastern Hanball became introverted and unstable. But he died in 220 and most of his clay belong to the Three Kingdoms.



  • Parthia-icon.png Parthiaball - Iranic trade friend.
  • SPQR-icon.png SPQRball - We were always trade friends and some of yuor soldiers lived in my clay. I once tried to send ambassadors to your clay but failed. SERIOUISLY THOUGH REMOVE SPAGHETTI! LO MEIN STRONK! PASTA MINE!
  • the tribal 1balls, the Hans is the best ,I kind of agreed with Rome, those uncivilized balls are annoying !!!


Map of the Warlord states after the collapse of the Han Dynasty

How to draw

Draw Hanball is very simple.

  1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
  2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black
  3. Add two slant eyes and a rice hat. You've finished.


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