Haririball used to be its own country until Abyssinia-icon Abyssinia had colonized adopted by the Ethiopian empire. Hariri is a very tiny region in Ethiopia and is once of the most historical destinations in Islam. Hariri is the 4th most popular destination for Islamic travellers famous for its singing and rituals telling stories about Prophet Muhammad. If your are wondering, yes she is a Kebab. LILILALALALALALALAL!!!

A nickname for Harari is "African Mecca" becasue it is the 4th holiest place in the relgion of Islam and is the most holiest place in the Islamic religion located in the continent of Africa.

Harari is also the Smallest state in Ethiopia.


Harariball was born as an 8-icon The native people and 2-icon The arabs that moved into the holy place, adopted by Ethiopian Empireball, Italian East Africaball (never happened), Abyssiniaball, Dergball, PDR Ethiopiaball and Ethiopiaball.

Harariball was originally founded as a city or islamic state in Kingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of Aksumball as a city of worship to the Muslims living in the Kingdom during the time in Honor of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the Islamic King of Negus who adopted Islam to the Kingdom of Askum.

In 1007 A.D the Kingdom of Harari gained independence from Kingdom of Aksum-icon The Christians and started to make their own trading systems with other parts of the world.

During the time of Harari's had gained international recoginistion from other islamic civilizations of the world (Mainly with Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball and Ottoman-icon The ottomans and made several islamic learning centers into the capital of harar.

Eventually Harari became a part of what is known as Abyssinia-icon Abyssinia in around the 16th century. Then it was "Occupied" but not colonized by the Italian-Empire-icon the Italians for only around 5 years during ww2.

Now Harari is a part of what is known as Ethiopia-icon Ethiopia and now it is mainly known for its awesome history and THE HYENA MAN and can into into with many arab travelers due to cool history and religious songs!!


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