Hattiansball was an ancient civilization of Turkeyball. They spoke Hattic, a language that is neither Indo-European or Semitic, but might be related to Kaskian, or the Hurro-Urartian and Caucasian language families.


Hattiansball was first mentioned by Sumerball and Akkadian Empireball around 2350 BC. King Sargon fought king Nurdaggal of the Hattians, while Sargon's successor Naram-Sin fought another Hattian king named Pamba.

The Hattians formed several kingdoms and city-states by 2000 BC, but also by this time, the Hittites started to expand deeper into Anatolia. Around 1800 BC, Kussaraball was established by the Hittites, and by 1700 BC, the Hattians were completely absorbed by the Hittites.

It's interesting to note that the Hittites did not call themselves Hittites. They probably called themselves Neša and their language nešili. The term "Hittite(s)" is derived from "Hatti", but that was actually how the Hittites referred to their Hattian predecessors.

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