Haumeaball is a space potato an oval shaped dwarf planet. It's thought his unusual shape comes from his fast rotation. It has two moons: Hi'iakaball and Namakaball. Haumea is the 3rd dwarf from the sun. He also holds a ring system, which was discovered using stellar occulation.


He is probably made of water ice and silicates, with nitrogen and methane frost. Like Pluto-icon Plutoball, he may have a slight reddish appearance from tholins.

Orbit - Rotation

Haumea's orbit has a high eccentricity and inclination. He rotates very fast, with a day lasting a mere 4 hours there. This probably accounts for his elongated shape.


Haumea has two moons: Hi'iakaball and Namakaball , as well as a small ring system. 

  1. Hi'iakaball
  2. Namakaball

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