Haumeapotato is a space potato an oval shaped dwarf planet. It's thought his unusual shape comes from his fast rotation. It has two moons: Hi'iakaball and Namakaball. Haumea is the 3rd dwarf from the sun. He can also into ring system, which was discovered using stellar occultation.


He is probably made of potatoes! water ice and silicates, with nitrogen and methane frost. Like Pluto-icon Plutoball, he may have a slight reddish appearance from tholins.

Orbit - Rotation

Haumea's orbit has a high eccentricity and inclination. He rotates very fast, with a day lasting a mere 4 hours there. This probably accounts for his elongated shape.


Haumea has two moons: Hi'iakaball and Namakaball , as well as a huge small ring system. 

  1. Hi'iakaball
  2. Namakaball

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