Hellball is a devil cold cityball (or village, if that counts) located in Norway-icon.png Norwayball. It is close to Trondheimball. It has became extremely famous for its name and the saying "when hell freezes over", nowadays the village of Hell has become a minor tourist attraction because of its name, as visitors often have their photograph taken in front of the station sign. It is also the hometown of the Miss Universe 1990. He also has an airport near him. Also it secretly belongs to Satan-icon.png Satan.

This village is located in Central Norwayball in the district of Stjørdalen.

How to Draw

1. Draw a huge blue line up and down a little bit on the left.

2. Draw another huge blue line left and right with no exceptions.

3. Once it looks like a cross that has been moved to the left, put some not so small lines on the outside of the blue lines.

4. Color the remainings of the flag all on red.

5. Draw the word "Hell" on the northern part of the flag, if it touches the red color then color it blue and continue the drawing in the color red if it touches any other color that isn't red.

Fun Facts

Google Translate says that if you put an "é" instead of an "e" it translates to Greece-icon.png Greece?

It is unknown what "Hell" means on Norwegian, but the origin of the name stems from the Old Norse hellir, which means "overhang" or "cliff cave".

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