Herodiancube, also known as Herodianuscube, was a puppet state of SPQR-icon.png SPQRball, it existed from 37 BC to 92 AD. Was of kill after it was anschlussed by SPQR-icon.png SPQRball


Herodiancube was a 4ball, then it evolved into a Jewcube, and was adopted by the Kingdom of Israelcube, Kingdom of Judahcube, Kingdom of Samariacube, Neo-Assyriaball, Neo-Babyloniaball, Yehudcube, Macedonball and Hasmoneancube.

In 92 AD, it was anschlussed by SPQRball.

How to draw

Herodiancube is part of SPQRball so Herodiancube's vexillum is SPQRball's vexillum:

  1. Draw a cube/hypercube
  2. Color it of red with a gold S.P.Q.R. script on it
  3. Draw the eyes an you've finished.

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