Hokkaidoball is an island and a prefecture of Japan-icon Japanball. It is in Sinnoh in the Pokémon games.


Hokkaido-icon Hokkaidoball was born as a 1-icon 1ball, adopted by Ainu-icon Ainuball.

In the 18th century, Tokugawa-icon Tokugawaball created Matsumaeball in Ainu-icon Ainuball's southern clay. Matsumaeball started invasion Ainuball. Ainuballs were lost a clay during Japan-icon Japanese colonizings.

In the 19th century, Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball anschlussed Matsumaeball, then named it Hokkaido-icon Hokkaidoball.

How to draw

Drawing Hokkaido-icon Hokkaidoball isn't difficult:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this color
  2. Draw a red seven-pointed star with a white border
  3. Draw the slant-eyes and you've finished.


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