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Hollywoodball is a city in Broward Countyball, Florida-icon Floridaball, located between Fort Lauderdaleball and Miami-icon Miamiball.

Home to much richness, a crappy downtown, many ooga boogas, and shitty Trump Condo complex on his clay island, you could say that he has many things. Out to the west of his clay, the natives own the big, evil, scary Hard Rock Casino. He is small, but wealthy, just like West Palm Beachball, his older cousin.

Fort Lauderdaleball, Hollywoodball's autistic, hypocrite, homogay neighbor envies him a lot! (He really does!) Hollywoodball has more restaurant, casino, tower, and beach than Fort Lauderdaleball does. If Fort Lauderdaleball was smart enough to look at his own clay, may b he would finall see who has more. Hollywood has a little bit of clay and tower, but he does great with what he has. Yet, they can get along well, when there is no tension.

Next door to great Hollywoodball is puny Dania Beachball. She is the Florida State Beach-ball. With a casino, some tower, and ooga booga, she doesn't seem to be a very attractive miss. Hollywood does love everyone, including her. Down the road from hip downtown is the fat-ass bank tower which Hollywoodball prizes.

Like his brothers and neighbors, he does not like Colombiaball and Mexicoball because of their infidel drug activities in the 80's. Also like his brothers and neighbors, Hollywoodball prizes resort and nightclub. When Miamiball isn't looking, Hollywoodball sneaks into his nightclub and stimulates his Floridian senses ( wink, wink.)

He is happy with the dollar store materials he has, and will always be making slow, but apparent changes to who good his clay and tower will be like.

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