Houthiball, officially Ansar Allahball, is a Zaidi predominantly Shia-led religious-political revolt group taking place in Northern Yemen-icon Yemenball. It also occupies some areas of Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball.


Houthiballs belong to the Zaydi branch of Islam, also known as Fivers, a sect of Islam almost exclusively found within Yemen-icon Yemenball. Zaydiballs make up about 25 percent of the population, Sunniballs make up 75 percent, and there are also tiny minorities of Muslims who are members of other Shia sects — the Ismaili and Twelver communities.

Flag and motto

Similar to Iran-icon Iranball's motto "Death to Amerikka and death to Israhell", the group's motto on its flag reads: "Allahu Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curse upon to the Jews! Victory to Islam!".


Houthiballs have been accused of expelling or restricting some members of the ancient and impoverished rural Israel-iconJewcubes of Yemen-icon Yemenball. "Our problems are with Zionism and the occupation of Palestine-icon Palestineball, but Israel-iconJewcubes here have nothing to fear," said Fadl Abu Taleb, a spokesman for the Houthis. As a result, Yemeni Israel-iconJewcubes reportedly retain a negative sentiment towards the Houthis, who committed persecutions against them. According to Ayoub Kara, Houthiballs had given an ultimatum telling Jews to "convert to Islam or get out of Yemen." In April 2017, it was reported that 40 of the last 50 Israel-iconJewcubes in Yemen-icon Yemenball were in an enclave next to the USA-icon American Embassy in Sana'a subject to Houthis threats of ethnic cleansing. In December 2017 they killed Ali Saleh during the battle of Sana'a, who's corrupt reign was what lead to the revolution that started the Yemeni Civil War in the first place.


Houthiballs rules over the bulk of North Yemen-icon North Yemenball which he absorbed South Yemen-icon South Yemenball in 1990. Houthisballs ruled the following clays: