Huachoball is a provinceball of Peru-icon.png Peruball.


Under the viceroy of Spainball, who decided to group the Ayllu of the Quechua Speaking who were established in that area into Reductions  The site chosen was that of "Gaucho Bay." Consequently, on 25 August 1571, the reduction was named San Bartolomé de Guachu.During the Viceroyalty of Peruball  the city belonged to the province of Huara and was established as a trading and fishing port. In 1774 the Viceroy Spainballgranted Huacho the category of "pueblo" and with it, allowed it to build its main plaza. Huacho was, like Huaura, a pueblo that received and hosted the members of the liberation expedition led by  Argentinaballparticipating on 26 November 1820 of the Grito libertador en el balcéon de Huaura, on the subject of historical verification. On 12 February 1821, Huacho was elevated to district, belonging to the province of Chanchay, in the department of Lima. The Congress conceded the titale of Fidelísima Villa (most faithful) on 11 April 1828, under the presidency of Don José de La Mar. On 24 January 1830, the province of Chanchay was unified with the province of Lima and Santa in the department of Ancash. Huaura was established as the capital of the province of Chanchay. Thirty years before, on January 23, 1866, Huacho was established as the capital of Chanchay.  Due to its technological advances, in 1892, the city began a city tram service, an animal transportation service called "tranvías de sangre" (blood tram), which was said to have used mules or horses. This service extended to Huara, and was electrified in 1920, making Huacho the first city after Lima to have its own electric tram system. Beginning in 1911, it was the main hub of the Ferrocarril Noroeste del Perú (Northwestern Train of Peru), which connected Huachoball with  ​​Ancón ,Sayán District, andBarranca On November 10, 1874, Huacho was elevated to the category of city and was made capital of the province even when it was separated from Chanchay (today the province of Huaral), and the province of Huaura was created. Actually, the city of Huacho was also the capital of the Governal Region of Lima.

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