For the Vietnamese city, see Huếball


Hue is a ball representing HUE, a laughter used predominantly by Brazil-icon Brazilball, but also by other Lusophone countryballs. It's a meaningless word that Brazil-icon Brazilball repeats nonstop throughout most of the comics. It usually resembles laughter or Brazil-icon Brazilball just saying it so he can have ownership of Hue.


It appears that "Huehue," along with other broken phrases commonly associated with Brazil-icon Brazilball such as "BR?" and "Gibe moni plos/plox" grew in popularity via the multiplayer game Ragnarok Online around 2003. During this time period, the game's community saw the outbreak of a "war" between Portuguese-speaking players and an "alliance" of non-Portuguese-speaking players. Phrases such as "Huehue" and "BR?" were often satirized to represent the Brazilian takeover of the online game.

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