Hungarian Soviet Republicball was a socialist state in Europe.



Hungarian Soviet Republicball was a short-lived communist state established in Hungaryball in the aftermath of World War I. Promising the clay lost in World War I to the people, Commies came to power on the remains of Kingdom of Hungaryball and formed a socialist Hungarian state.

Initial military success

Hungarian SR attacked Kingdom of Romaniaball to recover Transylvaniaball but failed, then invaded Czechoslovakiaball and took control of the Southern Slovakiaball, creating a puppet state named Slovak Soviet Republicball.

Romanian invasion

Main article: Hungarian-Romanian War

After the success in Czechoslovakiaball Hungarian SR asked Kingdom of Romaniaball to disarm and withdraw from the border.

Wanting to ensure the success of their territorial demands after World War I Kingdom of Romaniaball refused so Hungarian SR surprise attacked a few days later. The next day Romania launched a powerful counterattack along the entire Hungarian-Romanian border. Budapestball fell to Kingdom of Romaniaball, ending the war and Hungarian SR.


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