Hurriansball was a 4ball and the ancestor of Armenia-icon Armeniaball along with Urartu-icon Urartuball.


Hurriansball and Urartu-icon Urartuball were both born as 4balls somewhere in the Caucasus. Later, Urartu-icon Urartuball decided to stay in the Caucasus, but Hurriansball migrated south into Mesopotamia. During this time, they adopted the cuneiform script from Assyria-icon Assyriaball.

After Yamhadball collapsed, the Hurrians migrated into parts of Syria-icon Syriaball, forming Mitanniball. Some Hurrians who lived in Anatolia were subjugated by Hittites-icon Hittitesball.

The Hurrian Hymn, which dates back to 1400 BC, is the oldest composed melody ever.

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