Hutt Riverball was a micronation in Australia-icon Australiaball.


It was created in 1970 when a farmer and his family had a dispute with Aussie officials over wheat quotas. He then declared it an independent province, which supposedly made him exempt from the quotas. Two weeks later, Casley claims the government introduced a bill into Parliament to "resume" his and the other families' lands under compulsory acqusition laws. At this point, Casley claimed that international law allowed them to legally secede and be able to declare independence from Australiaball. Casley has said that he nonetheless remains loyal to the Queen. From this time on Casley asserted that the Principality had successfully seceded from Australia, and he proceeded to run it. On August 3, 2020 it dissolved and sold all of their land to Australia-icon Australiaball in order to pay for the disputes.

How to draw

Drawing Hutt Riverball isn't hard

  1. Draw blue circle
  2. Draw white circle in his body
  3. Draw its logo
  4. Done, just add the eyes

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