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Ibizaball is a island countryball and a city of Balearic Islands-icon.png Balearic Islandsball. He is major spot for young England-icon.png Englandballs to get drunk and go clubing. And no, it's not a 1990's game.

Austria! Don't send me your corrupted politicians, especially Strache, to my beautiful island!!!

- Ibizaball, 2017/2019


Ibizaball born as a 7ball adopted by SPQRball, Caliphateball and Spainball. In 654 BC, Phoeniciaball's settlers founded a port on Ibiza. During the Second Punic War, the island was assaulted by the two Scipio brothers in 217 BC but remained loyal to Carthageball. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire and a brief period of first Vandalball and then Byzantineball rule, the island was conquered by the Moorsball in 902, the few remaining locals converted to Islam and Berber settlers came in. Under Islamic rule, Ibiza (Yabisah) came in close contact with the city of Deniaball—the closest port in the nearby Iberian peninsula, located in Valenciaball—and the two areas were administered jointly by the Taifa of Deniaball during some time (11th century). The island was conquered by Aragonese King James I in 1235. The island maintained its own self-government in several forms until 1715, democracy arrived in 1975 after Francoist Spainball's death. Today, the island is part of the Balearic Autonomous Community, along with his brothers.