''Am not of Reval!'' - Icelandic Commonwealthball

Icelandic Commonwealthball was a Nordic commonwealth.


After breaking up from Kingdom of Norwayball, the Icelandic settlers formed a unique form of government, the Goðorð. This, as only used by them, is commonly associated with a Commonwealth.

As the chieftains of the commonwealth were highly dependent on the farmers, the authority was reduced and, as a result of that, the power of the chieftains diminished, so the number of chieftains did so as well. As the peasants were highly respected because they were the base of power, they got more privileges, so peasant revolts were non-ocurrent, although tension was usual.

Even Slavery was approved, and, to get rid of your debts, you could even make yourself a slave! Unfortunately, the chieftains got greedy and started internal conflicts. Kingdom of Norwayball took advantage of the situation and conquered the Commonwealth.

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