Ieodoball , also known as Socorta Rockball , Suyan Rockball and Parangdo, is an island region which currently is controlled by South Korea-icon South Koreaball, though he is claimed by China-icon Chinaball.

Ieodoball is living on submerged clay (a reef), 15ft below sea level. Because the clay is almost all in water, Ieodoball lives on a Marine Research Station that isn't below water. There has been disputes between South Koreaball and Chinaball, mainly because of vital fuel deposits buried undernearth Ieodoball and its surrounding seas. However, it is of South Koreaball's land, as ancient maps and relics prove it.


Around Joseon-icon Joseonball's time, Ieodo was part of Joseon-icon Joseonball, but because of the legend, no one went there, or the people went there are dead because of the waves.

In 1900, UK-icon UKball discovered and widely spreaded Ieodoball and named it Socortaball. In 1910, the Ieodoball is surveyed by UK-icon UKball. In 1938, Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball surveyed Ieodoball but did not claim it.

In 1951, It was claimed by South Korea-icon South Koreaball and was renamed Ieodoball. But UK-icon UKball, Japan-icon Japanball,China-icon Chinaball and several other countries did not liked the name "Ieodo".

In 1995, South Korea-icon South Koreaball began the construction of the Marine Research Station and it was completed in 2001.

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