Illinoisball is a state of USA-icon USAball and is very liberal because of his annoying son Chicago-icon Chicagoball. Illinoisball spends lots of money on healthcare and other liberal stuff to keep Chicagoball from annoying him, because of this he has a lot of debt. Illinoisballs clay is mostly just farms and corns besides Chicagoball.


Illinoisball was a 3-icon 3ball adopted by USA-icon USAball as Illinois Territoryball. He officially became a state in 1818.


  • Ohio-icon OhioRawr - TAKE THAT! CUBS FINALLY WIN! FLY THE W! The Cubs are 2016 World Series Champs!
  • Indiana-icon Indianaball - He basically needs his own economy that DOES NOT INVOLVE CHICAGO!!! And STOP POSTING BILLBOARDS THAT MAKE MY CITIZENS MOVE TO YOUR CLAY!!
  • Hillary Clinton-icon Hillary Clinton - I wish she was my president.
  • Vermont-icon Vermontball - Oh, Same with Bernie Sanders-icon Bernie. What? I am a rock hard Democrat.
  • Iowa-icon Iowaball - We are much alike, if ignoring Chicagoball.
  • Poland-icon Polandball - Have a lot of Polish immigrants in my clay. 


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