It's Il-leh-noy, not Il-leh-noys, not Ill-annoy, or Il-leh-WAH.
Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball

Illinoisball, officially the State of Illinoisball, is Illinnoyed by Higher Taxes a state of USA-icon.png USAball. He is very liberal because of his annoying son Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball. Illinoisball spends lots of money on healthcare and other liberal stuff to keep Chicagoball from annoying him, because of this he has a lot of debt. Whenever he puts on his top hat, or people mock his name, he becomes Illinoiscob-icon.png Illinoiscob. This is a reference to Abraham Lincoln and corn. Illinoiscob is tall because of this. This also makes him taller than Alaska-icon.png Alaskaball.

Illinoisball is portrayed as a corn farmer, representing Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball in comics, or just a background characater. He usually is in debt because of Chicago. Taxes are high in this state for this reason. He is big in manufacturing but especially big when it come to agriculture. He is the second largest corn-producing state after his friend Iowa-icon.png Iowaball. He also ranks first in soybean production. He also has a Six Flags park. Six Flags Great America to be exact.

His clay is mostly flat with hilly areas in the northern part. He is the second flattest state, after Florida-icon.png Floridaball. His clay has 102 counties. The most populous county in the state is Cook county. The largest by area is McLean county. Most of his counties are very conservative, with some being tossups and big cities being liberal. He is more anglcized than his French family.

He is well known to be the Land of Lincoln, as Abraham Lincoln resided here. It is for this reason that Illinoisball is relevant. Two other presidents also lived in his clay. One being the sucessfull commanding general, Ullysses S. Grant. He helped the Union win the civil war and another president, another reason why Illinois is relevant. And Barack Obama also lives here he was also another president. He helped reestablished realtions between Cuba-icon.png Cubaball and USA-icon.png Illinoisball's father. In addition, Ronald Reagan was born here. He was tough on communism and helped the Western Bloc win the Cold War, making him relevant. One of his governors, Adlai Stevenson II, was the United States Ambassador to UN-icon.png UNball, which again, makes him relevant.

He also has a lot of railroads in his clay. He has the second most miles of railroad track after Texas-icon.png Texasball. However, despite being second in mileage of tracks, he is the heart of the nation's rail network. This makes him an important rail hub.


Before American Revolutionary war

Illinoisball was a 3-icon.png 3ball who was first adopted by France-icon.png Franceball. He was a part of Quebec-icon.png Quebecball, which was part of New France-icon.png New Franceball.

A lot of cities, towns, and villages in his clay have a lot of French names. France-icon.png Franceball spent some time exploring the land. Franceball then had a fight with UK-icon.png British Empireball in 1756, part of a bigger fight known as the Seven Years War. British Empireball prevailed and gained the lands of New France east of the Mississippi River. Spainball then took the lands west of it. Because of of the war, UK-icon.png British Empireball had to the ColAmerica-icon.png Thirteen Coloniesball. This caused a revolt, in which the Thirteen Colonies wanted independence.

American Revolutionary War

British Empireball made Illinoisball as a part of Quebec-icon.png Quebecball, who was basically controlled by the aforementioned British Empireball. Then, France-icon.png Franceball, Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball, and Dutch Republic-icon.png Dutch Republicball joined ColAmerica-icon.png, as well as some 3-icon.png 3balls.

UK-icon.png British Empireball also had some 3balls on his side. They sent a lot of supplies to ColAmerica-icon.png Thirteen Coloniesball, and British Empireball couldn't keep up. Quebec-icon.png Quebecball was controlled by the British so he had to fight for them. He lost some territory to the 4 allies and after years of fighting, the 1783 Treaty of Paris was signed.

Territory era

Some of Quebec-icon.png Quebecball's clay was going to the new USA-icon (WW1soldier).png USAball. Illinoisball was a part of Northwest Territoryball along with Ohio-icon.png OhioRawr, Indiana-icon.png Indianaball, Michigan-icon.png Michigancube, Wisconsin-icon.png Wisconsinball, and part of Minnesota-icon.png Minnesotaball.

After Ohio-icon.png OhioRawr became a state, Northwest territoryball turned into Indiana Territoryball, then after Indiana-icon.png Indianaball became a state, the extra clay was split between Michigan-icon.png Michigan Territorycube and Illinois-icon.png Illinois Territoryball. During his time as a terriotry, he was cleaning up and people were exploring his clay.


He officially became a state on December 3, 1818. The capital was moved to Springfield-icon (Illinois).png Springfieldball. The rest of Illinois-icon.png Illinois Territoryball's clay was merged with Michigan-icon.png Michigan Territorycube. He also stole some land from what was to become Wisconsin-icon.png Wisconsinball.

He established a lot of cityballs in his clay, including his annoying son Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball. In 1830, Abraham Lincoln moved to his clay, making him "The land of Lincoln". He opposed slavery and racism, so he made them both illegal. He was doing well, steel was booming, corn production had skyrocketed, as well as railroads and canals.

Civil war

Eleven states formed CSA-icon.png CSAball, a separatist countryball, because they liked slavery. He decided it was a good idea to bomb Fort Sumter. Illinoisball had 250,000 soldiers enlisted in the U.S. Army. He also helped slaves escape to their freedom. One of his fellow soldiers. At the time, one of his residents and his favorite person, Abraham Lincoln, was president, making him the most relevant state during the Civil war. So he sent a lot of soldiers to fight. Turns out, a lot died from disease, cold weather, or starvation.

Because he was super relevant, he also made a lot of food for Union troops. Another resident, Ulysses S. Grant, sucessfully commanded troops along the Mississippi river, making him a lot more relevant. After four years of battle, the war was over, with USA-icon.png USAball winning. Illinoisball was sad when Abraham Lincoln was killed while watching a play. To this day, he hates this racist who killed him.

After the Civil War

After the war, a lot of clean up was required. In 1869, he helped build a railway and the previously mentioned Ulyesses S. Grant was elected president, making him relevant. In 1871, Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball accidentally set his clay on fire. Illinoisball and a lot of other cities came to help put him out and helped rebuild him, and new plans were laid out for the street grid. In 1886, a lot of Chicago-icon.png Chicagoballs and Illinois-icon.png Illinoisballs gathered and protested for an 8 hour work day. And to this day, many people work a 9 to 5 job, Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball also hosted a exposition and it was very sucessful.

Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball was doing great. Lots of immigrants were coming, mostly Germany-icon.png German, with some Russia-icon.png Russian, and Poland-icon.png Polish sprinkled in there. This increased the population a lot. Steel was doing great as well, railroads were shutting here and there, and a lot of bad governors came and went as well as a lot of good ones.


Since Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball was part of USA-icon.png USAball, he gets into wars that USAball got into, for until 1917, USAball was neutral, until German Empire-icon.png German Empireball wanted to invade USAball via Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball, who was having a revolution at the time. Because of this, the usage of German in USA-icon.png USAball dropped, as well as USA-icon.png USAball going to war. Illinoisball was making lots of steel, and the Central Powers were weak. German Empire-icon.png German Empireball had to surrender and Germany-icon.png Weimar Republicball had to pay reparations to the allies.

This was followed by a pandemic, the Spanish Flu. This actually originated from Kansas-icon.png Kansasball, not Spain-icon.png Spainball.

Interwar period

After the pandemic, the roaring 20's approached, with lots of cars, food, steel, roads being made. The dollar was also very powerful and people were living great. Then overproduction caused a stock market crash, leading to a global depression. Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball had to take care of Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball as well. This lasted 10 years. But at this time, somebody helped make pizza popular in America.

In 1933, a racist came to power in Germany-icon.png Germanyball. This worried USA-icon.png USAball, as he hates racism and genocide, but he did commit genocide before In 1939, war broke out in europe. He was sad when Poland-icon.png Polandball was crushed.


USA-icon.png USAball stayed neutral for 2 years, until he embargoed Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball and Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. That's when he decided to help Taiwan-icon.png Chinaball and UK-icon.png UKball. He managed to do 2 offensives, with a sucessful landing on D-Day and another sucessful offensive in SE Asia. Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball was making steel, guns, ammunition, bombs, etc to help with the war effort.

With Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball's defeat and Japan's surrender, a victory was secured for the allies. Every state was relevant during the war, with food production, ammunition, etc. The first nuke in warfare was a huge sucess for the allies.

Cold War

This was an era that lasted 46 years. During these 46 years, a national road system was established, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball had nukes, a lot of war stuff. Illinoisball was still relevant when it comes to elections, but mostly irrelevant during other times, with the exception of materials and soldiers. In 1973, an oil embargo on USA-icon.png USAball hurt the industrial secotr in Illinoisball big time. That's when most of him became part of the rust belt.

In 1980, he finally became relevant when Ronald Reagan became President. Even though his career was in California-icon.png Californiaball, he was born in Illinois, which makes Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball relevant. He was super relevant as Ronald Reagan was tough on communism and helped make the nation better. in 1989, he became irrelevant when Reagan's vice president, George H.W. Bush became president. He was born in Texas-icon.png Texasball. 2 years into Bush's term, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball collapsed. Marking a victory for the western bloc.

Post-Cold War

After the Cold war ended, there was an election, when Bill Clinton won in Illinoisball, he decided to switch to the left. He used to be a critical swing state leaning toward the right. He remained mostly irrelevant except for food and materials.

He became relevant in 2009, when an Illinois resident, Barack Obama, became president. Illinoisball legalized Medical weed in 2014. He became irrelevant in 2017, when Donald Trump-icon.png Trump became president. In 2020, he leglized all weed. Currently, Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden, the former vice president of Barack Obama, is the next president, so when he becomes president, Illinoisball will be relevant because Joe is the former vice president of an Illinois resident. He is currently dealing with COVID-19.



  • Iowa-icon.png Iowaball - He's my best friend. Even though we are both similar with our corn fields, he doesn't get mad at me because we hate racism and slavery. We send ships and trucks to each others clay. Go Hawks and Cyclones!
  • Poland-icon.png Polandball - Have a lot of Polish immigrants in my clay. Happy 100th birthday!
  • Vermont-icon.png Vermontball - Oh, Same with Bernie Sanders-icon.png Bernie. What? I am a rock hard Democrat.
  • Kansas-icon.png Oklahoma-icon.png Tornado Buddies - They have tornadoes like I do. We also like farming and have flat lands.
  • Michigan-icon.png Michigancube You also have people moving out of your biggest city, like me. We are also mostly rural, excluding the cities. We also like taking land from that Wisconsin-icon.png Cheesehead. But I'm not gonna close the canal anytime soon!
  • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - You also have debt and an annoying neighbor. Lots of Greeks in here, especially in the northeast. Chicago has a greektown!
  • France-icon.png Franceball - Adoptive mother. Why did ISIS bomb you? You are also dealing with COVID-19. J'espère que vous allez bien.
  • Quebec-icon.png Quebecball - Brother. You should definitely get independence. I was once part of him. We still talk with each other. Wait. Dad's gonna be bigger if you secede? YEAH!!!! USA! USA! USA! USA!!!!!!!!
  • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - Great uncle who is sorry nice. But free Quebec-icon.png Quebec!!
  • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - Where a lot of my people come from. But Poland gives more immigrants!
  • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - Your Serbs can stay. Sorry NATO-icon.png NATO bombed you 20 years ago.
  • US Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - Also has a six flags. He basically is another cool friend and likes to see people go to the hospital for no reason.
  • Louisiana-icon.png Louisianaball - Sister who likes fried chicken. Gets hit hard by hurricanes. Like me, she is also corrupt.
  • 3-icon.png 3ball - Real dad. You're the reason why I'm called this. You called me Illini when I was still a native.
  • Abraham Lincoln-icon.png Abe Lincoln - Even though you were Republican, I liked you because you lived here. And, your political carrier started here as well.
  • Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball - We have a Legoland in Schaumburg.
  • USA-icon.png USAball - My dad. Don't take all the credit for the corn. Other than that, he hates slavery, just like me.


  • Missouri-icon.png Friendly rival - He is okay, we both have Route 66 and we like to compare our kids, my kid is more annoying. My fountain is better than your arch!! He also has this weird meth addiction. Well, does it help "cure" ADHD?
  • California-icon.png Commiefornia - Sure, you are left wing like me, but it's only Chicago. By the way, I'm not THAT left winged. Oh yeah, CORN STRONK!!! REMOVE GRAPES!!!


  • Wisconsin-icon.png Wisconsinball - You suck! Worst state after Indiana! Screw the packers, my roads are better, and I get more tourists! No, you will not get that land back, it's mine. And I have more farms!
  • Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball - You're wasting my money! Just stop being a bratty son and we can settle this. Also, you will NOT be the state capital. I want to kick you out real bad.
  • Springfield-icon (Illinois).png Capital - Stop the corruption!!!!
  • Anyone who mispronounces his name intentionally - It's ok to prononce my name wrong by accident, but please not intentionally?
  • Pennsylvania-icon.png Pennsylvaniaball - How did you get more people than me?!?!?? GIB SPOT BACK NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!!! NOWWW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ohio-icon.png OhioRawr - TAKE THAT! CUBS FINALLY WIN! FLY THE W! The Cubs are 2016 World Series Champs!
  • Columbus-icon.png Columbusball - Put the dog on a leash, okay?


  • Chicago-icon.png Chicagoball - Biggest city in my clay. Most annoying son EVER!! He likes to make big hot dogs.
  • Rockfordball - Second largest city. Starting to turn more liberal.
  • East St. Louisball - Home of a tall fountain. That's about all I have to say.
  • Molineball - Davenportball's smaller brother, still relevant.
  • Elginball - A satellite city of Chicago. He retired from watchmaking.
  • Napervilleball - He used to be Dupage Countyball's capital, before it was moved to Wheatonball. Also a satellite of Chicago
  • Auroraball - Home of Jeopardy! James.
  • Peoriaball - Benefited from being on a major shipping route.
  • Carbondaleball - Home of Southern Illinois University.
  • Metropolisball - Home of Superman!!
  • Jolietball - Named after a French dude. Heavily industrial.
  • Decaturball - Mostly irrelevant, but has a lot of people.
  • Champaignball - Home of Univeristy of Illinois, or at least one of them. Also has a French name.
  • Kankakeeball - A city that has a county named after it. They are also conservative.
  • Bloomingtonball and Normalball - These twin cities are pretty big. But mostly irelevant.
  • Springfield-icon (Illinois).png Springfieldball - Made him my capital because of THOSE CITY SLICKERS!!!!! Lincoln also lived there. Makes this guy special.

How to draw

Flag colors

White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
Cool Black 0, 39, 104 C100-M63-Y0-K59 #002768
Crimson Glory 190, 10, 47 C0-M95-Y75-K25 #BE0A2F
Mud 120, 90, 60 C0-M25-Y50-K53 #785A3C
May Green 63, 134, 63 C53-M0-Y53-K47 #3F863F
Corn 255, 237, 88 C0-M7-Y65-K0 #FFED58


Use this as a reference.

  1. Draw a circle with any shade of Black.
  2. Fill the circle with white if the background is not white.
  3. Draw the seal.
  1. Draw a shield with 13 stars on top.
  2. Draw the rock with the years 1818 and 1868 on it.
  3. Draw the eagle with a banner that says, "State Sovereignty National Union"
  4. Draw the plants on the next to the shield.
  5. Draw a river in the middle of the seal.
  6. Draw the sun on the right side of the seal.
4. Add the eyes. Here is an eye tutorial.
5. Write ILLINOIS below the seal.
6. You're done!




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